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We always develop specialized components together with our customers; these components are ideally suited to fit our customer’s application. Because it is not always possible to achieve this from a desk, we visit over 1,000 customers personally worldwide each year. We are always fascinated by the things we see and experience on site. You get to know a business partner best through direct contact on site rather than over the telephone or from a website.

We are equally surprised to learn the stereotypes some of our customers have associated with us. Although it is widely known that we are experts in custom designs, it is less commonly known that we have many key technologies for the development and production of optical and optoelectronic components at our disposal in house.

A collaborative development project is particularly advantageous for our customers due to the short communication paths and cross-disciplinary competence from one source.

We have, therefore, decided to focus this issue – especially in light of the upcoming LASER World of PHOTONICS – on our in-house development and production departments.

With the LASER trade show in Munich approaching, an absolute industry highlight is just around the corner. Come visit us at our booth and strike up a conversation with us. In addition to the numerous managing directors from our suppliers, all of our in-house technical specialists will be available.
We look forward to four demanding yet extremely interesting trade show days, at which we will hold more customer meetings than in the entire rest of the year.


Patrick Paul
General Manager, Laser Components GmbH


  • Lasermodule für die industrielle Bildverarbeitung
    Die MV-Module der Edition 2017 sind komplett neu
  • Fertigungsstandort für FLEXPOINT® Lasermodule
    Daher setzen wir auf den Standort Deutschland
  • Mitarbeit im Normenausschuss & Forschungsprojekten
    Unsere Kunden können auf den aktuellen Stand der Technik vertrauen
  • Laseroptiken für die größten Laser der Welt
    High-Power Beschichtungen, die halten, was sie versprechen
  • Faseroptische Assemblies
    Fertigung und Entwicklung in Olching
  • Pyroelektrische Detektoren
    Neuartige Detektoren mit Differenzverstärker
  • Avalanche Photodioden & Impulslaserdioden
    Neuheiten aus den USA und Kanada


  • Produktentwicklungen
    So bringen wir Sie an Ihr Ziel

Veranstaltungen / WORKshops

Besuchen Sie uns am Stand B3.303 auf der LASER Wold of PHOTONICS am 26.-29. Juni 2017 in der Messe München. Folgende Veranstaltungen finden während...

LASER COMPONENTS hält in Zusammenarbeit mit SPECTARIS im November 2017 den ersten internationalen WORKshop zu UV-Technologien ab. Die Teilnehmerzahl...

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Do you go to the movies regularly? Then you have most likely followed the transformation over the past ten years when the first movie theaters moved...

Our partner LG Innotek introduced the world’s first 70 mW UVC LED, which was developed for sterilization. LG Innotek once again set the benchmark...

With up to 2.5 W per single chip, the new violet LEDs from LG Innotek now offer particularly high power in an extremely small space. LG Innotek’s...

Applications in medical technology, printing, and safety technology (IR illumination) require powerful laser diodes that have a longitudinal...

With its new A4 series, Arima Lasers has significantly improved the automatic power control (APC) of its compact APC laser diodes. Whenever an...

Zeilenarrays sind komplexe Bauteile, die eine präzise Ansteuerung fordern. Unsere x-InGaAs Arrays besitzen gegenüber den bisher verbreiteten Modellen...

So, you are not only looking for suitable laser safety barriers to equip your laboratory but you also need somebody to assemble them? No problem: We...

Erstmals zeigen wir die neuen faseroptischen „Pump ­Combiner“ von Lightel. Für Hochleistungslaser - Anwendungen wird mit diesen passiven Komponenten...

Der neue Faserrecoater von Northlab ist besonders bedienerfreundlich, schnell und platzsparend. Gleichzeitig bietet er eine hohe Flexibilität...

Ein besonderes Produkt von Fibercore ist die so genannte ­Multicore-Faser: In der Standardkonfiguration werden 7 Faserkerne in einem 125 µm Cladding...

The IQFROG is based on the principle of the frequency-resolved optical gating method (SHG automated correlator) and measures the pulse intensity and...

At the LASER World of PHOTONICS, we are expecting an explosion of new products for laser power measurement!Maximum measurement accuracy and the...

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