Glimmerglass develops and sells solutions to national governments to protect networks from cyber terrorism, cyber criminality, cyber threats, and intellectual property theft. Glimmerglass’ matrix switches and management software make it possible for telecommunications providers and network operators to more effectively use their network infrastructure and drastically increase reliability and availability.

For national governments, the CyberSweep™ solution is a centralized, fully-integrated system used in the detection and analysis of cyberspace threats in high-bit-rate optical and electronic information streams. The monitoring and management of entire signal paths from signal detection to analysis make it possible to identify unusual events and threats and to introduce the appropriate defense measures and countermeasures. Customers include national security agencies and their facilities.

The path manager and intelligent optical system (IOS) product families offer telecommunications companies and network providers solutions to significantly reduce operational costs, widely increase availability, and drastically minimize costs resulting from network outages.

Glimmerglass’ expertise is derived from four core competencies: advanced analysis processes in combination with the collection of meta-data, unique signal processing, high-quality management software, and the most advanced fault-tolerant intelligent optical system (IOS) solutions.

Glimmerglass’ solutions are used in many countries around the world in Asia, North America, Europe, and Eastern Europe.

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