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Laser Sources / Systems

Here you will find ready-to use diode laser systems. The lasers stand out due to low operating current, precise optical power control, simple driver design, and high lifetime. The diode laser systems are available with different powers; the wavelength ranges from red to NIR.

Diode laser system for medical usage

LuOcean mini

The LuOceanTM mini lasers are made for medical applications. They are available with dual wavelengths in the red to NIR wavelength range.

Medical Diode Laser Modules

The LuOcean mini laser diodes are available with different configurations. They offer OEM integrators an excellent product to manufacture state-of-the-art end user laser systems.

Some versions are dual wavelength lasers used for medical applications such as dentistry, dermatology, or veterinary. Lasers with an output power up to 50 W in 400 µm fibres can be used for soldering or plastic processing.

Be cost-efficient thanks to the easy integration and safe use of the LuOcean mini diode lasers. The lasers have an exchangeable window, an integrated red pilot laser, a fibre sensor, and a monitor diode.

All LuOcean mini lasers are easy-to-use thanks to the standard SMA connector. The passive cooling is build-in the sealed housing.

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