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Founded in 1993 with the mission of developing "sophisticated tools for signal recovery" our partner has built a broad range of products that includes current amplifiers, voltage amplifiers, lock-in amplifiers, and photoreceivers. To us, "sophisticated tools for signal recovery" means that every product we develop must offer a significant advantage over comparable products available in the market.


Ultra-low noise amplifiers for OEM systems LCA-Mini

Low-noise current amplifiers for OEM integration, systems include Scanning Tunnelling Microscopy, Atomic Force Microscopy systems and photomultiplier pre-amplifier setups.

OEM Amplifier

These pre-amplifiers are bi-spoke for integration into OEM systems as an ultra-compact and high-performance off-the-shelf unit. The units use sophisticated electronics to achieve a superior noise performance making them ideal for amplifying small currents from PMTs and photodiodes and other high impedance sources and can be optimised for your application with factory set bandwidth, gain, input/output connector.

Customisation and Applications


Initial models can be pre-set to any bandwidth range between DC… 1 MHz and gain 10^7 V/A… 10^9 V/A, amplifying a select frequency range to provide an optimum signal–noise ratio. The unit weighs only 25 g and the noise performance is exceptional. Typical applications include pre-amplifier for photodiode and photomultiplier, Scanning Tunnelling Microscopy systems, AFM systems, lock-in preamplifier, high performance system addition.

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