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Accessories for Photon Counter

Plug and play. Both the power supply and the single detectors count as accessories for the photon counters.

For photon counting modules (SPCMs)

Voltage Supply and Counter for Photon Counting Modules

...plug and play....

Power Supply

The DSN102 is a two-channel voltage supply for the single photon counting modules of the COUNT® series from Laser Components. It controls and monitors the operation of two detectors simultaneously. With the built-in counter you can also see the counting rate of a selected module.


When using the COUNT® modules, you should take extra precautions to ensure that the modules do not get damaged due to exposure to lasers that are too strong. Because this is next to impossible when using the modules manually under normal conditions, the DSN102 was equipped with an automatic protective circuit that shuts down the voltage once a critical light level is exceeded. An acoustic warning signal also sounds off.


There is a BNC interface to connect an oscilloscope or other measurement devices for further diagnosis and controlling the detector setting. The output voltage is proportional to the logarithm of the counting rate. In addition, an acoustic counting rate display (loudspeakers/earphones) was built into this device.


Applications include general photon counting, spectroscopy, illustration of fluorescence life expectancy (FLIM), confocal fluorescence microscopy, single molecule detection (SMD), FCS, and FRET.

The device is available in a single set or as an OEM installation module for a 19” subrack.

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