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Active & Passive Components

Couplers, WDMs, attenuators, isolators, and circulators are passive optical components. In addition to these parts, we also offer active components such as optical switches.

Fiber optical couplers are used to both split and combine optical signals in optical fibers. As passive optical components, they are often used in data transmission.

The optical frequency multiplexing method, wavelength division multiplexing (WDM), splits the wavelengths in such a way that each spectral color has its own transmission channel.

Active fiber-optical components are available for multi-mode and single-mode fibers.

These components are used for fiber-optical data transmission in communication applications. Isolators allow light to pass through the fiber in only one direction; circulators are non-reciprocal elements.

Attenuators are used to reduce the power of signals when the receiver is near the sender or the signal being sent is too strong, either of which would result in the receiver being overloaded.

Free-beam shutters are used to quickly and completely block a laser with collimated beams in different applications.

In-line power monitors are used for the "in-line" measurement of optical power and exact performance monitoring in optical fibers. They are important components in today’s optical networks and other applications.

Phase and intensity modulators, plus turn-key solutions for wavelengths from 800 nm to 2 microns.

Optical delay line modules are used to produce defined optical transmission delays and to compensate for delay differences in optical fibers.

Fiber-optic components are also being used more and more in the area of photonics, in particular in fiber lasers.

Here you will find OEM components such as polarization adjusters, controllers, scramblers, trackers, and in-line polarimeters to influence the light in optical fibers.

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