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Assembled Fibers

Ready-to-use fiber assemblies are produced in house and available for quick delivery. Cables for use in data transmission, medical technology, and high-power transmission as well as fiber bundles for use in illumination or cold light sources are all available. One particular highlight is our fibers that have an optical coating. AR coatings are available for different wavelength ranges.

We offer assembled fibers according to your specific requirements for conventional applications. Multi-mode cables, single-mode cables, and POF cables can be assembled with all common connectors.

Whether you need sterilized fibers for use in medical technology or SMA connectors for high power levels, we are your partner for such cables. You will profit from our short delivery times and high flexibility.

Several optical fibers are combined in fiber bundles. Fiber bundles are used in illumination and sensor applications.

One particular highlight of our product range is our coatings on optical fibers. AR coatings significantly increase the efficiency of the coupled light beam and are available for different wavelength ranges.

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LASER COMPONENTS assembles customer-specific optical fibers and cables in house. Use our cable configuration tool or contact us directly.

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