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Photonics News - Issue 73

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The first international meeting of the year in our industry is over and again we can look back on an excellent Photonics West. The growth of the...

PbS and PbSe Detectors

LASER COMPONENTS now manufactures Pbs and PbSe detectors in house. This development was announced in January, and the first detectors were introduced...

UVA LEDs in Smartphones, Tablets and Sensors

The fact that LEDs are used in smartphones and tablets, as well as different types of displays and sensors, should be well known. It may not be as...


We present the IG22X0103L28-256TEC, an x-InGaAs line sensor for SWIR spectroscopy.This array has 256 pixels @ 30 µm x 250 µm each with a pitch of 50...

pyroelectric detectors

We present the first new developments introduced by our LASER COMPONENTS Pyro Group production facility: Pyrodetectors used in current mode. The...

Laser Diodes in TO-56 housing

The design of a superluminescence diode is equivalent to a laser diode without a resonatorIts radiation is based on an amplified spontaneous emission...

FLEXPOINT<sup>®</sup> Laser Module

The FLEXPOINT® laser module series now includes dot and line lasers with 488 nm. Therefore, in addition to 405 nm and 450 nm, a third wavelength is...

laser diodes for laser shows

Laser diodes from OSRAM Opto Semiconductors, which emit in the visible range, are available at LASER COMPONENTS.These powerful laser diodes in the...


Gentec-EO has expanded its beam profile camera family by an additional member: the Beamage-4M.With 5.5 µm/pixel, it offers the same high resolution...


To use optical fibers in pressure chambers or vacuum applications, they have to be guided from the outside into the inner environment. Feedthroughs...

Interferometer from data-pixel

OptoTest, manufacturer of IL and RL laboratory measurement devices, and DataPixel, specialist for interferometers and high-end microscopes, are...

S178 fusion splicer

The field splicer FITEL S178LDF is robust and compact; optical fibers with diameters from 125 µm to 450 µm can be spliced with this unit. This device...


The basis for operating optical networks is, among other things, the inspection of connector surfaces according to IEC61300-3-35. In lieu of a...


This is not a new development: Optical fibers are being used in more and more applications that are very different from each other, including, for...

Rotary Joint

The new optical single-channel rotary joints were developed for single-mode fibers with the requirement “low transmission loss at a simultaneously...

centricity measurement

Is the measurement of centricity in laser optics necessary or not? The more optics that are used in a system, the more important the quality of each...

Multispot elements

If diffractive optical elements are used at low and medium laser power, then it is not absolutely necessary to fall back on expensive fused silica...

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