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Welcome to the LC Campus. Several times a year LASER COMPONENTS offers workshops on different topics. These events are either held at one of our sites or - during trade shows - on-site at the venue.

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Workshops at LaSys

At the LASYS this year, our product engineers will not only be available for questions and answers at booth 4C33, but we will also be hosting two interesting workshops on the first day of the trade show. The workshops will be free of charge*; however, registration is required.

Seats are limited, so register now to reserve a spot on June 5, 2018.

Diffractive Optics in Industrial Applications

For System Integrators: Theory and Practice in the Glass Processing and Photovoltaic Industry

Diffractive optical elements (DOEs) are used to shape and split laser beams. They are more efficient than complex free-beam assemblies; however, it is necessary to be familiar with the components’ properties in order to apply them correctly.
In our free workshop, Holo/OR – our partner and manufacturer of DOEs – will dispense theoretical knowledge before Edgewave – our industrial partner – shares their experience with concrete industrial applications. In keeping with the theme of the trade show, two application fields will be the focus of the workshop:

Cutting Glass
Multi-focus elements or elements with an elongated focus (elongated focus DOEs) are used to cut transparent materials. Shlomit Katz, product and development engineer at Holo/OR, will demonstrate the differences between and name the advantages and disadvantages of both elements. Dr. Shizhou Xiao will then demonstrate how Edgewave’s multi-focus elements can be integrated into the process.

Laser Ablation in Copper and Sapphire

Short pulse lasers are typically used to remove copper and sapphire. In the workshop, you will learn about the advantages of combining the standard method with a vortex element. Vortex elements convert and produce a spot that is shaped like a donut.


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Technical Forum "Lasers in Action"

Measurement of laser beam metrics, regardless of power, can be challenging.  Most methods to date are not real-time due to scanning of one or more components along the optical axis of the laser beam.  Fiber lasers, single and multimode are becoming more ubiquitous and methods to qualify them are in great demand.  Laser beam measurements are complex and methods to make these measurements more user and alignment friendly are in demand.  This talk discusses simple techniques that provide real time measurement of the laser’s M-square or BPP that can be utilized from very low powers to powers > 30 Kilowatts.

Visit us at the technical forum on Thursday 7 June, 11.30-12.00.


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