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New: Fiber Optic Matrix Switches

LASER COMPONENTS is Partner of Polatis / Huber & Suhner


Fiber optic matrix switches are important components for data transmission in fiber optic networks and test environments. Here they are not only used in data centers but also in telecommunications, network monitoring, and government. The matrix switches of the manufacturer Polatis / Huber + Suhner, which are now also available from LASER COMPONENTS, are leading the way.

Depending on the network structure and application, different series are available: The 3000 series for multimode applications with up to 16x16 channels, the 6000 series for 8x8 to 192x192 channels, and the 6000n PSS series protection service switches for 16x16 channels.

The 7000 series for 384x384 channels is the top of the heap. The switches support all modern network management protocols. With their standard integrated NETCONF and RETCONF control interfaces, they are also suitable for use in software defined networks (SDNs).

Further product information:
Series 3000 Optical Matrix Switches
Series 6000 48xCC Optical Matrix Switches
Series 6000 Optical Matrix Switches
Series 6000 pss Optical Matrix Switch
Series 7000 Optical Matrix Switch


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Address:    Werner-von-Siemens-Str. 15
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Fax:    +49 (0) 8142 2864-11

Series 7000

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