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Photonics News No 81

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New Laser Modules for Industrial Image Processing

FLEXPOINT® MV - Edition 2017: Positioning and Measuring with Lasers


At the LASER World of PHOTONICS, you will see the completely revised versions of the successful line laser series in operation: MVfemto, MVpico, and MVnano. The MV18 series is entirely new: In these line lasers, an M18 thread is integrated on the module housing. Find out more about these new FLEXPOINT® MV modules:

Focus mechanism. The new focus mechanism allows easier operation, and the focus level can be precisely set. This new mechanism results in a higher beam pointing stability and a low drift in the line position.

New Focus Options. Choose between a variety of optics to obtain a suitable combination of line thickness and depth of focus: DLSE, DLE, DL, Standard, TS1, and TS2.

Cos4 Correction. The Cos4 law describes the natural attenuation of light toward the edge during application of imaging optics. For applications with a large field of view (FOV), we correct the power distribution along the line: Increased power at the edge and decreased power in the middle of the laser line compensate the errors in the objective and lead to a homogeneous power distribution on the camera chip.

Variations. In addition to the standard version with an adjustable focus, these lasers are also available immediately in other variations:

  • Cost-reduced version with a fixed focus
  • Versions in which the optics and laser are separate from the electronics in order to integrate them into systems with a restricted amount of space
  • MV modules without control electronics are available for integration in camera systems.

Additional Options. These lasers can be ordered in the future with an internal microcontroller and serial interface in order to make adjustments on your own or to readout operational conditions in the laser, such as, for example, the operating hours, temperature, and operating current.

As known from the preceding series, these lasers are available with various wavelengths: blue (405/450 nm), green (520 nm), red (635/660/685 nm), and NIR (785/830/850 nm). The output power levels extend to 100 mW, depending on the laser diode.

These lasers can be customized to comply with the eye-safety laser classes 1 and 2. Options such as digital modulation or analogous power settings complete the options available when placing an order.


Further product information:

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FLEXPOINT<sup>&reg;</sup> Laser Diode Module MVfemto

FLEXPOINT<sup>&reg;</sup> Laser Diode Module MVnano

FLEXPOINT<sup>&reg;</sup> Laser Diode Module MVpico


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