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Robust Line Laser with a M18 Thread

The FLEXPOINT® MV18 is perfectly suited for permanent installation in industrial facilities


FLEXPOINT® modules with an integrated external thread can be easily integrated in standardized systems. The MV18 is the latest in the range of line lasers for industrial image processing: it not only guarantees a homogeneous power distribution along the projected line but can also be easily screwed into existing internal threads with its M18 thread.

The power supply is provided by an M12 connection at the rear.
This robust line laser is available in many wavelengths between 405 nm and 850 nm. With an output power of up to 200 mW, the 450 nm version is the most powerful of the current MV series.

A precise mechanism allows the MV18 to focus quickly. The mechanics ensure high beam stability and low line drift.

To obtain the right combination of line thickness and depth of field for your application, you can choose from five different optical variants.

In addition to the standard version with adjustable focus, the FLEXPOINT® MV18 is also available in a low-cost version with a factory-fixed focus.

Online Simulation Line Thickness

Would you like to know how the line width changes depending on the focus setting and what effect this has on the depth of focus?
Then use the line thickness generator available on our website. Different optics versions can be selected for online simulation.


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