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High Power Laser Diodes

Our range of high-power laser diode products continues to increase. We offer both free-beam designs and fiber-coupled high-power laser diodes. Laser diodes with fiber Bragg gratings are available for use in wavelength stabilization.

HHL, C mount, TO housing

Edge Emitting High Power Laser Diodes

Singlemode and multimode high power laser diodes up to 30 W - spectral range: 635 nm - 1550 nm - on chips, submounts or in different housings

High Power Laser Diodes

LASER COMPONENTS offers a wide range of high power laser diodes. Both singlemode and multimode diodes are available in the wavelength range from 808 - 980 nm. The lasers are available as chips, on submounts (B, C, or D block), or in different housings (for example: 9 mm TO, HHL).

From the manufacture of laser diode chips with the next generation of MOCVD reactors to the housing component, the complete production process, which is certified according to ISO9001:2000, happens under one roof. Our products are, therefore, the first choice in edge emitting high power laser diodes, which are assembled on C mounts, in TO housings, and HHL housings. They ensure the best performance, quality, and reliability.

Innovative high power diodes in the 1470-1550 nm range with an output of up to 6 W are a new part of our product range.

These high power laser diodes are used in an increasing variety of application fields:

  • Optical pumping of solid state lasers
  • Industrial material processing
  • Lasers used in the medical field
  • Graphics industry
  • Instrumentation
  • Free-Space Data Transmission

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