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Special Optics

Etalons, beam splitter cubes, Faraday isolators, retroreflectors, collimators, and lenses with volume Bragg gratings belong to the group of special optics. These optical components are used in special laser applications.

Beam path in an etalon
Transmission etalon


Used to limit the wavelength ranges in laser cavities.

Special Optics

Etalons are based on the principle of the Fabry Perot Interferometer and are used to limit the wavelength ranges in laser cavities.


They consist of two plane-parallel surfaces that are positioned at a fixed distance from each other. The surfaces are characterized by high precision of their wedge angle and thickness tolerance. Furthermore, they are equipped with partially reflective coatings.


These etalons can be used as solid etalons or as air gap etalons.

The specifications for substrate thickness and degree of reflection of the plane surfaces define the so-called bandwidth (FWHM) as well as the finesse (FSR).

Please let us know the desired substrate thickness and degree of reflection for each side when requesting a quotation.

Etalons are only available upon request.

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