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Network Tester

The comprehensive range of field test solutions includes portable measurement devices for the maintenance, troubleshooting, and installation of home, access, and metro networks and is suited for both copper and fiber optic networks. These devices ensure the transmission of broadband services to end customers. They include measurement solutions for traditional technologies such as POTS, SONET/SDH, and ATM, as well as for FTTx, DSL (ADSL, VDSL, xDSL), optical Ethernet, WDM, 10 GETH, and OTN.


Handheld Testers for Copper and Fiber Optic Networks

Handheld measuring devices for copper and fiber optic cables

Network Tester

The Certifier40G can be used to obtain fast and accurate measurements in fiber optic and copper networks. Tasks can be fully and directly certified by technicians with this device.
Based on all current and future cabling norms for local networks, such as for example ISO 11801 and TIA-568, the Certifier40G is a reliable partner in certification and troubleshooting.

The tier 1 certification of multi-mode, single-mode, and multi-mode-MPO fibers is possible in less than six seconds, and the specifications of all leading cable manufacturers have already been preconfigured.
The optional USB microscope FBP-P5000i can be used to carry out an automated pass/fail analysis of the fiber end faces of all standard fiber types.
This makes it possible to perform full certification using just one tester.

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