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Fiber Connectors

Different connectors are used to integrate optical fibers into a system and create releasable connections. A wide variety of products and various assembly techniques have led to our large selection. Suitable connectors are also available for field applications.

High Power SMAs

High power coupling.

Fiber Connectors

When high power lasers are coupled via a connector the fiber core has to be hit precisely. Otherwise, the connector will be destroyed by a smothered adhesive. The so-called high power SMA connector has a fiber that is "standing freely” inside the connector. Laser raditation that does not hit the fiber core is rendered harmless by multiple reflections.

The connectors are treated in a special way before poslishing. This leads to the finished connector having no adhesive anymore around the fiber facet. All common large core fibers from 200 µm to 600 µm can be equipped with free standing SMA connectors by LASER COMPONENTS.

For High Power – Connectors with Copper Ferrules
In addition to free-standing SMA connectors, free-standing SMA connectors with copper ferrules are also part of our product range. The use of copper ensures better heat dissipation and is thus especially well-suited for the transmission of high power.

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