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IR Filters

A wide variety of interference filters in the IR range is available: Bandpass filters, long-pass filters, short-pass filters, blocking filters, and dichroic splitters are included in this range of products.

IR Neutral Density Filters

Neutral density filters for the IR range from 1.5 µm – 14.0 µm. Neutral gray filters are used in attenuation.

IR Filters

Neutral IR gray filters are used in the broadband attenuation of infrared radiation.
The infrared filters available here are largely produced according to customer specifications. They have a metallic coating that is responsible for the attenuation of light via reflection or absorption.

Depending on the required wavelength range, substrates such as fused silica, sapphire, germanium, or silicon are used. IR ND filters are classified according to the so-called optical density (OD) in the range from 0.1 to 2.0. The shape of the curve across the wavelength range can be considered as linear.

You may access the IR ND filters available for sampling using our online stock lists.

The standard size is 25.4 mm in diameter. Many filters are mounted. In such cases, the aperture is approximately 21 mm. Custom sizes and filter chips are delivered without mounts.

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Online Filter Selection

Now you can check online which optical filters are in stock at our partner NOC - Northumbria Optical Coatings Ltd. You can directly place an order which, as usual, will be handled through us.

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