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Fiber Optic Field Equipment

In optical measurement technology, different measurement devices are used to test optical fibers. In addition to analyzers and power measurement devices, optical sources that can be readout with the help of monitors are also used.



NITRO is an intelligent real-time platform that combines the test and activation data of network instruments with software applications for planning, supply, protection, and optimization.

Automation Solution for Network Tests

Network integrated test, real-time analytics and optimization (NITRO) is an intelligent real-time platform for mobile communications and optical fiber, cable, cloud, and corporate networks. The test and measurement data of network instruments are transferred automatically and in real time to software-based planning, supply, protection, and optimization applications.

More and more often, the market requires network services that are constantly available and have a high data volume. Providers thus rely more heavily on hybrid IT systems, as well as ultra-dense, highly scalable, and cloud-based networks. With NITRO, they can use their existing VIAVI technology and expand their static network installations inexpensively to automated, dynamic, and rule-based networks.

NITRO comprises the following solutions:

  • NITRO vNet Fusion: Virtual Ethernet life-cycle management
  • NITRO vNet: Activation and performance of virtual services
  • NITRO Enterprise: Performance monitoring of cloud and corporate networks
  • NITRO Mobile: Monitoring, protection, and performance optimization of mobile wireless networks
  • NITRO TechFlow: Automated workflow for service technicians

NITRO vNet Fusion comprises tests, service activation, performance monitoring, and troubleshooting. Information on the entire service life cycle will be collected and analyzed from all network levels. Based on this information, vNet Fusion provides reproducible and standard-based test methods. These serve to monitor and protect the network performance, as well as to check service level agreements.

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