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In optical time-domain reflectometry (OTDR), the propagation length and reflection properties of light in the optical fiber are tested. A laser pulse is coupled into the fiber and the scattered light measured for a specific duration of time. This allows the losses generated through splicing, optical fiber attenuation, or reflection to be calculated.

FTTx OTDR Module from AFL Noyes
M310 - OTDR with integrated optical power meter and visual fault locator

Non-modular OTDRs

Complete OTDR measuring devices for immediate service application.


These OTDR devices are fully equipped; they consist of a measuring module and a display unit in one. This makes them less expensive to purchase but also less flexible in applications than devices that consist of a base unit and interchangeable modules.

The M210 is a compact OTDR with an integrated power meter (OPM) and integrated connection check with a visual fault locator (VFL). In addition, the digital microscope, DFS1, can be connected and then used to assess the fiber end faces.

This device was designed for testing, troubleshooting, and documenting enterprise, LAN/WAN, campus, multi-mode (62.5 µm and 50 µm), and single-mode networks. The single-mode dynamic range extends to 30 dB, whereas the multi-mode range reaches 26 dB.


The intuitive Touch and Test® interface simplifies operation, thus reducing faulty measurements. Therefore, even beginners can use these devices without a problem. The M210 contains TRMTM software, which displays values in accordance with TIA/ISO standards.

The Noyes M310 OTDR is designed for use in testing state-of-the-art enterprise network architecture and speeds. The demand for large bandwidths has accelerated the development of 40G and 100G Ethernets, which has, in turn, increased the demands placed on measurement technology.

Network operating times are extremely critical in enterprise networks; it is crucial to locate errors exactly before the end of a coupler and to switch on the network again. In top-of-rack (TOR) and end-of-rack (EOR) configurations in data centers today, ultra-short fiber connections are used with numerous patch panels and short coupling lines. This presents a challenge for measuring devices.

The M310 was developed for use in testing, troubleshooting, and documenting enterprise networks. It has the following features:

  • Integrated power meter and connection check with visual fault locator;
  • Short dead times that allow the testing of a rapid succession of events;
  • The so-called “industry lead auto event” analysis prevents faulty or missed events;
  • Fiber detection during running operation prevents damage to network equipment;
  • Connection of the DFS1 Digital FiberScope is possible in order to perform a connector check;
  • The batteries last up to 16 hours during measurement operation.

Easy to Operate – Reliable Results – Sophisticated Software

Exact and reliable automatic analysis is necessary to test and document large numbers of fibers. The analysis can also even be performed by unspecialized personnel. The challenges are manifold: the measurements have to be able to be performed in both the laboratory and the field, as well as in single-mode and multi-mode networks; they also contain a countless combination of events. To cover all these aspects, complex software is integrated into the M310. All localizations and measurements can be performed at the push of a single button – without confusing, erroneous readings.

Touch and Test® is the interface of the OTDRs introduced here and offers all users the appropriate mode of operation:

  • Automatic Mode: Connect – Press the Button – Done. The M310 automatically recognizes the fiber and sets the required test parameters. This setting is especially suited for beginners, but it is also used for repairs to allow the fast detection of errors in fibers of unknown length.
  • Auto-Once Mode: Suited to test cables containing several fibers. The first fiber is recognized automatically and then this information is stored and used for each subsequent measurement to operate particularly quickly.
  • Expert Mode: This mode provides access to advanced settings to define test scenarios for special networks. Only for experienced users!
  • Real-Time Mode: Fast, continuous OTDR operation with the constant display of measurement results is possible with this mode. The network can be changed dynamically and the results of tracking documented. Example: A separated fiber is bent to reduce attenuation losses.

Thousands of test results can be stored internally in the device or on a supported USB drive. The test results can be transmitted to a PC via a USB cable or USB drive. With the Windows-compatible TRMTM (test result manager) software, the data can be viewed, printed, and analyzed.

The test report is generated using the TRM software and can integrate the following content:

  • Summary and event information with or without pass/fail analysis
  • Event card
  • Attenuation and power measurement tables
  • Images of fiber end faces

With the FLX380 FlexTester3 family, AFL offers a unit with many different test functions that are easy to use. The dynamic range of the unit is very high, and the dead times are very short. Furthermore, the FLX380-300 has an optical light source (OLS), a power meter (OLP), and a visual fault locator (VFL) on board on a standard basis. The display is a source of much praise; it is easy to read, even in direct sunlight.

  • Complete in or out-of-service PON OTDRs and power measurement from a single port (ServiceSafe™)
  • Testing through PON splitters possible (up to 1 x 128)
  • High dynamic range through the use of narrow pulses
  • PON OTDR measurements possible during operation
  • Automatic detection, identification, localization, and measurement of macrobends and splitters
  • Point-to-point link measurement
  • Ready to use after just 5 seconds

The FLX380 is also available as part of a complete test kit.

FlexTester3 Complete Test & Inspection Kit

FLX380 FlexTester3 in the desired configuration with the FOCIS PRO inspection system used to examine connector end faces, the OFI-200D fiber identifier, a launch/receive fiber ring, a one-click cleaner used to clean the connectors, and standard accessories – all packed in a waterproof hard-shell case.

FlexTester3 PRO Test & Inspection Kit

This kit contains the following: Customer-specified configuration of the FLX380 FlexTester3, FOCIS PRO inspection system used to examine connector end faces, connector cleaning materials, and standard accessories – all packed in a water-resistant hard-shell case.

FlexTester3 with a Soft Case

FLX380 in the desired configuration, including standard accessories and a one-click cleaner to easily clean the connectors – all stored in a soft case.

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