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Fiber Optic Field Equipment

In optical measurement technology, different measurement devices are used to test optical fibers. In addition to analyzers and power measurement devices, optical sources that can be readout with the help of monitors are also used.

For testing the optical loss: MLP4
Multimode Loss Test Kit with Data Storage

Optical Loss Tester for Multimode-Fibers

Handheld measurement devices used for attenuation measurements in multi-mode fibers.

Optical Loss Tester

For the attenuation measurement of multi-mode fibers in LAN, WAN, and enterprise networks, the following measurement sets are available:

  • MLP4 – Classic attenuation measurement set for the small budget
  • MLP5 – Attenuation measurement set including data storage
  • OMK-34 – The universal measurement set

The MLP4 and MLP5 attenuation measurement sets are designed for the measurement of passive optical networks (PONs). The measurements are carried out with the wavelengths 850 nm and 1300 nm in conformity with the TIA/EIA standard.

The test sets consist of the following parts:

OLS1 – Dual LED Source

The single-port LED light source is designed exclusively for attenuation measurement in multi-mode fibers. The test wavelengths 850 nm and 1300 nm are very stable and can be emitted as a single or dual wavelength.

OPM4 – Power Meter (MLP4 Attenuation Measurement Set)

The OPM4 power meter provides reliable measurements and reference memory for each calibrated wavelength.

OPM5 – Power Meter (MLP5 Attenuation Measurement Set)

The OPM5 power meter has all of the features of the OPM4, as well as two additional functions. For one, different test tones can be detected for fiber identification; for another, this unit has its own data memory. An easy-to-use interface makes it possible to save the test results as a file. This makes it particularly easy to compare the results of repeat fiber tests and quickly compile customer reports. Using the TRM® software included, the data can be easily processed on a PC.

The OMK-34 is an optical measurement kit with two wavelengths and a single-port LED source (OLS-34), as well as a power meter with a universal push/pull (UPP) interface adapter (OLP-34).

With this measurement kit, power measurements and loss measurements can be carried out in multi-mode LAN/WAN and enterprise networks.

To measure optical transmission losses in POFs, attenuation measurement sets from Greenlee are available. This measurement set for polymer optical fibers consists of the 650 nm LED source, 573XL, and its corresponding detector.

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