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Fiber Optic and Network Monitoring

These systems are used in the monitoring of optical fiber networks because increasing security requirements and high expectations regarding the availability of digital services make online monitoring of the optical fiber as a transmission medium more and more of a necessity.

Based on products for network analysis and package recording, so-called NPMD products are also offered; these products examine network data and perform a complete package analysis.

Series 6000 48xCC

Series 6000 48xCC Optical Matrix Switches

The 6000 series 48xCC is a 48-channel "any-to-any” matrix switch (i.e., it is a connection solution that can assign any channel to any channel).

Optical Matrix Switches

The 6000 series 48xCC is a compact, high-performance, fully-optical matrix switch (SM). This non-blocking switch has 48 any-to-any switching options and can be custom configured. Each of the 48 channels can be connected to any other channel. This allows new connection configurations to be implemented in an architectural design that is not possible with standard symmetrical matrix switches. The small housing and low power consumption make this module ideal for OEM use and integration into system environments. With low latency times and fast switching times, this switch is predestined for new virtual cloud services in hybrid packet-optical data centers.


  • Data center
  • Telecommunications
  • Military, defense
  • Video distribution
  • Automated testing of components and subsystems

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