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Fiber Optic and Network Monitoring

These systems are used in the monitoring of optical fiber networks because increasing security requirements and high expectations regarding the availability of digital services make online monitoring of the optical fiber as a transmission medium more and more of a necessity.

Based on products for network analysis and package recording, so-called NPMD products are also offered; these products examine network data and perform a complete package analysis.

Series 6000n

Series 6000 Optical Matrix Switches

The 6000 series consists of fiber optic switching matrices for single-mode applications, available from 4x4 to 192x192 channels/ports.

Optical Matrix Switches

The 6000 series consists of the highest performance single-mode switches, which are completely non-blocking and available in all variations from 4x4 to 192x192 channels (higher channel count available upon request). Designed for the highest performance and reliability, this series meets the highest demands and applications with very low insertion loss, a compact size, low power consumption, and fast switching times. With the support of software-defined networking (SDN) with an integrated OpenFlow and NETCONF interface, this product series enables extremely short latency times for time-critical network traffic. This is necessary for the new virtual cloud services in hybrid optical-packet data centers.

The patented DirectLight® optical switching technology has proven itself many times in highly demanding applications in data centers, telecommunications applications, and in the military/defense sector. Large system manufacturers also use this technology to automate their test landscapes for optical components and subsystems.


  • Carrier-grade reliability
  • SDN compatible with embedded OpenFlow control interface; makes reconfiguration of network on demand possible
  • Patented DirectLight® beam-steering technology
  • Available from 4x4 to 192x192 channels /ports
  • Available on an optional basis: Fully-integrated power monitors for power monitoring, as well as variable attenuators and optical splitters/couplers
  • Dynamic and forward-looking web GUI in combination with network management tools makes cost reduction and improved network management possible
  • Interfaces for all applications, including all optical networking, SDN

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