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UV Photodiodes

UV photodiodes are produced from the material SiC. Detection of radiation occurs in the wavelength range from 200 nm to 400 nm. Detectors are available with filters that are exclusively sensitive in the UV-C, UV-B, or UV-A ranges.

SIC Photodiode

SiC-Detectors (205 - 355 nm)

Compared to Si-, TiO2-, GaN-, or diamond-based components, our SiC UV photodiodes have advantages that cannot be beat.

UV Photodiodes

SiC diodes include, for example, solar blind UV photodiodes, which are preferably used in lamp monitoring. They have the following features:

  • The spectral sensitivity only covers a range of 205 – 355 nm blocking longer wavelengths is therefore unnecessary
  • The detectors are extremely stable for long periods of time (even when exposed to high doses of UV radiation of up to 1000 W/m²)
  • Extreme stability at high temperatures

    Temperature coefficient of Tk < -0.06%/K. Permanent operating temperatures of up to +150 °C

  • The dark current level is in the fA-range and therefore very narrow.
  • The spectral sensitivity can be customized using space-approved filter technology for UV-A, UV-B, UV-C and UV-BC.
  • Integrated signal processing and evaluation electronics available

High Temperature Applications
The standard model of our SiC diodes is designed to operate at temperatures of up to + 70 °C.

For certain applications, such as flame detection, this is not enough. The HT-models (HT stands for high temperature) offer a remedy in such a case. They can operate at up to + 150 °C.

SiC Detectors with Filters
SiC photodiodes for UV-C, UV-BC, UV-B and UV-A with integrated, radiation-resistant filters are available for use in special applications.

SiC UV Photodiodes with Build-in Preamplifier
The SiC UV photodiodese with build-in preamplifier is available with a flat cap or a lens cap.

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