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Fiber Optic and Network Monitoring

These systems are used in the monitoring of optical fiber networks because increasing security requirements and high expectations regarding the availability of digital services make online monitoring of the optical fiber as a transmission medium more and more of a necessity.

Based on products for network analysis and package recording, so-called NPMD products are also offered; these products examine network data and perform a complete package analysis.


SmartOTU Monitoring Systems

The early detection of a malfunctioning fiber makes it possible to react quickly to avoid damage. In addition to fiber malfunction, attempted wiretapping should also be detected and reported.


The SmartOTU from Viavi is a 19" insert with an integrated control system. In the case of an incident, notification will be sent either via e-mail or SMS; further control of the system can be carried out via a web browser or SNMP interface.

It is possible to monitor either a single fiber or – using the integrated optical switch – up to 72 fibers. The wavelength may be selected as desired but typically the system operates with 1625 nm or 1650 nm because these wavelengths do not interfere with network operation.

The SmartOTU does not require an extra PC. Expansion is also possible: the modular design can be easily and flexibly adjusted to meet future demands.

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