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Systems Used to Analyze Laser Beams

Testing the power and energy of a laser is important to ensure the safe operation of said laser, both for use in the laboratory and integration into laser processing machines or testing equipment.


WaveEye – Compact Wavemeter

The WaveEye is a compact and yet highly precise wavelength measuring device for the spectral range from 450 nm to 950 nm.

Wavelength Measuring Devices

It is easy to use and integrate and yet features an impressive precision and sampling rate: the name WaveEye stands for a new generation of measuring devices for determining the laser wavelength.

This device does not require warm-up time and has a USB port for both digital measurement output and a simultaneous power supply.

Readout is carried out via convenient software (available as a download) or with the help of simple text commands (serial commands).

In addition, high-resolution output is carried out as analog output voltage in the range from 0 V to 4.096 V.

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