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In order to provide our customers with the widest range of products, we work closely with premium suppliers. One of our strengths is our ability to jointly develop customer-specific solutions, which make up 85% of our total revenue. Our experience and the composition of our supplier pool make it possible for us to develop projects in which we are able to offer complementary components or entire modules. Test our products for yourself and have a look at our partners.

Fitel - a Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd. Company

Clad alignment fusion splicer S123M12
Fusion Splicer from Furkukawa Fitel S123M12 for speedy operation at every splicing field.
S178 from Fitel
Hand-held core alignment splicer mounted on a tripod

Fusion Splicers

FITEL's line of fusion splicers provides an excellent soltution for both field and factory splicing applications.

There are different fusion splicers available:

  • Hand-held fusion splicers
  • Hand-held active alignment splicers
  • Hand-held core alignment splicers
  • Hand-held ribbon splicers
  • Fusion splicers for factory splicing applications