General Photonics

All fiber polarization controller
MPC-201 Multifunction Polarization Controller

The American manufacturer General Photonics is one of the leading suppliers of fiber-optic measurement devices and components used in the dynamic control of polarization and the measurement of polarization-dependent effects in optical fibers. In addition, General Photonics also manufactures solutions used in the management of optical signal run times.

General Photonics’ products are used in the research, development, and production of fiber-optic communications solutions, fiber sensor technology, and biomedical technology, for example in imaging processes such as optical coherence tomography (OCT).

Polarization Control:
General Photonics’ manually or electronically controlled polarization adjusters and laboratory devices make it possible to set the polarization in optical fibers in a targeted manner. These stabilizers continually control the polarization to compensate for deviations in the input polarization.

Polarization scramblers scramble the polarization of light, thus producing a depolarized output signal.

Polarization Measurement:
Inline polarimeters, or the polarization measurement system (PSGA), analyze the polarization and polarization-dependent characteristics of optical fibers and components.
The measurement of polarization-dependent loss (PDL), the degree of polarization (DOP), polarization extinction rate (PER), or polarization crosstalk can be performed with measurement devices each optimized specifically for these tasks.

PMD and PDL Management:
Deterministic PMD sources and a PDL source/emulator are available to produce deterministic PMD or PDL values for the characterization of optical transmission systems and components.

This portfolio also includes optical light sources and optical delay lines, such as phase shifters and manual or motorized optical delay lines.