Laser Components Pyro Group, Inc.

Multi channel pyroelectric detectors
Multi channel pyroelectric detectors

Pyroelectric Detectors Now Manufactured In House

The Laser Components Group has expanded its Infrared Detector activities and acquired the majority of U.S.-based manufacturer Microwatt Applications, LLC.

Since July 2014, Microwatt will operate under the name Laser Components Pyro Group, Inc. and as a subsidiary of Laser Components Detector Group, Inc. who already manufacture a successful line of different IR semiconductor detectors. Microwatt‘s location in Florida will remain and be gradually expanded.

Laser Components Pyro Group manufactures Pyroelectric Detectors based on LiTaO3 for industrial gas analysis, medical technology, flame recognition, and process control and Pyroelectric Detectors based on DLaTGS as the sensing material used in premium applications such as FTIR spectrometers and THz which are gaining in importance in the market place.