The American company Lightel was founded in 1999 and has its headquarters in Seattle, Washington. Lightel produces coupler workstations for the manufacture of fiber-optic components using the fused biconical taper (FBT) method.

With hundreds of coupler workstations installed worldwide, Lightel sets the benchmark in almost all coupler manufacturing companies. In addition to standard fibers with a diameter of 125 µm, thicker fibers and polarization-maintaining fibers can also be processed.  

Lightel uses its own expertise in the area of coupler workstations for the production of a variety of fused coupler-based components. This includes fiber-optic splitters for multi-mode, single-mode, and PM fibers, wavelength-division multiplexers (WDMs), and high-power combiners.

This product range is supplemented by filter-based optical components, such as CWDM and DWDM filters, optical isolators, circulators, optical attenuators, and polarization beam splitters and combiners.

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