Molex® / Polymicro Technologies™

Molex / Polymicro Technologies™
Molex / Polymicro Technologies™
Patrick Paul welcomes the new partner Polymicro Technologies

World's Leading Supplier of Specialty Optical Fibers

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Located in Phoenix, Arizona, Polymicro Technologies™ is the world's leading manufacturer and supplier of specialty optical fibers and optical fiber.

Since 1984, Polymicro Technologies™ has served the analytical, medical, aerospace, military, manufacturing, telecommunication, and communication industries. Polymicro Technologies™ offers a total manufacturing solution, providing initial product design, product & process development, prototyping & beta trials and volume production.


Polymicro Technologies™ has a 41,000 square foot facility located in Phoenix, Arizona. The facility has several draw towers which produce a large portion of  multimode step-index fibers used throughout the world. The Company has a state of the art glass laboratory, assembly department, laser machining department as well as sophisticated testing equipment to meet customers’ needs for the highest quality and service.


Polymicro Technologies™’ components are commonly incorporated into systems by the customers. The components are used in research and industrial applications in the areas of biotechnology (including genomics and proteomics), spectroscopy, analytical chemistry, sensing applications, analytical chemistry, medical sub-components, various space applications, a wide range of military applications, welding, engraving and process monitoring.