SEDI-ATI Fibres Optiques

Hermetical feedthroughs are used to get optical signals inside vacuum and pressure chambers.
INFOCUT – Fiber cleave tool for high quality fiber cleaves

Active solutions through passive components

SEDI Fibres Optiques founded in 1972 and its sister company ATI Optique founded in 1951 have decided to merge their activities in 2012 into a single organization named SEDI-ATI Fibres Optiques.

SEDI-ATI recently started to concentrate on the production and development a fiber optic components only, who are used in telecom, industrial, medical and military applications. Their catalogue product range covers passive components like couplers, WDM's, filters, hermetic feedthrough, and patchcords.

Their R&D lab and on-site workshops (mechanical, moulding, assembly lines) allow them to serve custom requests like components with any type of fiber, custom filters, components ruggedized for challenging environments.

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