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InGaAs Line Arrays for Fast and High-Resolution Measurements

Xenics – New Partner for Detector Arrays


Detector arrays from Xenics: These linear 1-D and 2-D InGaAs arrays are suitable for spectroscopic applications and imaging.

The German phrase “Ich seh nix” (English: “I can’t see anything.”) is the play on words used to describe the infrared spectral range that was turned into the idea for the name of the Belgian company “Xenics” (also pronounced: see nix).

Xenics is one of the leading manufacturers of IR cameras and arrays; they just recently introduced the “Xlin” detector series into their portfolio. This series will be sold in Europe by the LASER COMPONENTS Group.

Xlin includes multiplexed InGaAs line arrays with 1024 or 2048 pixels and a 12 µm pitch, the height of the element of which can vary: either 12.5 µm or 250 µm. The detectors are equipped with one-stage Peltier cooling; three-stage cooling is also available on an optional basis.

With the 1024-pixel detector, a line rate of 40 kHz can be achieved; whereas with the 2048-pixel detector, this value is 10 kHz.




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InGaAs Line Arrays

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