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MPC-203 – A High-Speed Multi-Functional Polarization Controller

Precisely Adjust Polarization


The polarization of light in a fiber often plays a crucial role in optical communications and fiber sensor technology. Thus, it is necessary, for example in data transfer, to reduce polarization-dependent losses (PDL) and polarization mode dispersion (PMD) to a minimum across long distances.

With the MPC-203 polarization controller manufactured by our partner, General Photonics, polarization conditions can be very precisely produced or adjusted. For example, this allows different characteristics to be adjusted manually. An additional function makes it possible to create random polarization conditions.

Various scrambler settings are available for use in depolarization. Tornado scrambling, which features an almost uniform distribution of the polarization modulation rates, was developed by General Photonics and is particularly efficient. The MPC-203, a high-speed multi-functional polarization controller achieves a modulation rate of 780,000 rotations per second. This is more than ten times faster than its successful predecessor, the MPC-202.

The MPC-20x series controllers are used in laboratories, etc., to characterize individual components or analyze the performance of fiber optic interferometers, sensor systems, and RF photonic systems.


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MPC-203 High Speed Multifunction Polarization Controller

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