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New Alignment Systems with an Electronic Detector

Quick, Secure, and Intuitive


STRAIGHTliner is the name of our new alignment systems which have been equipped for the first time with an electronic detector and LED displays. These features offer more comfortable everyday operation that does not require previous knowledge or experience. These products are a completely new development by our partner LT Laser Tools GmbH. They have provided our alignment systems for the past 15 years. All versions consist of a precision laser and a receiver – both elements of which are battery operated – and are delivered in a compact suitcase.

STRAIGHTliner ECO – The Inexpensive System
So, you want to be able to measure the straightness of your machine quickly and easily? Use the STRAIGHTliner ECO: LEDs in green, orange, and red stand for the different tolerance ranges in the vertical direction and the horizontal direction. If the LED is green, the alignment tolerance is 1/10 mm.

These innovative LEDs are particularly bright and thus easy to see from afar. This makes live monitoring during adjustment easier.

STRAIGHTliner PRO – Electronic Documentation and Maximum Measurement Accuracy
The fundamental principle behind the STRAIGHTliner PRO is the same as the ECO model; operation is also just as easy: The receiver can be moved around freely. Measurements are triggered using a remote radio control. Customer-specific expansions such as the measurement of parallelism or perpendicularity are also available on an optional basis. When analyzing measurement data, the PRO system goes one step further: The position-sensitive detector works at an accuracy of 1/10,000 mm. The data is transmitted via Bluetooth using STRAIGHTliner software to a Windows computer and depicted accurately at 1/1,000 mm (even during live feed).

STRAIGHTliner Software for the PRO System
The software has several functions. Through a live feed, the laser position is depicted both graphically and numerically (see screenshot). The measurement values are also depicted in a line diagram.

Additional features include the subsequent setting of the zero point and the archiving and printing of measurement data.

A “typical” application does not exist; there are only points of focus, for example: in mechanical engineering, whenever a machine has to be moved across an even surface or movable parts within a machine run along guide rails, the accuracy of laser alignment systems is required to meet the demands of increasingly narrower manufacturing tolerances. In the assembly of individual machine parts that have to exactly fit one another, alignment systems are used. In the assembly of overhead cranes, special value is placed on good handling at large distances: Here the use of a laser is clearly advantageous over all mechanical devices.


Good to Know!
Laser Alignment System – Measurement Principle
In laser alignment systems, a laser beam is projected as a reference line and the position of the laser beam identified using an electronic position-sensitive detector – at different positions and in relation to the object to be measured.

Advantages. The advantages of an electronic system over a mechanical setup using piano wire include the absolute straightness of the light, the easy assembly, and the precise and objective evaluation using an electronic receiver.
An accuracy of up to 1 µm can be achieved with our laser alignment systems.


Further product information:
STRAIGHTliner ECO Laser Alignment System

LT LaserTools GmbH


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STRAIGHTliner ECO Laser Alignment System

STRAIGHTliner Software

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