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Optomechanical Structures in Three Dimensions


Flexible Submodules with BreadBoxes

LASER COMPONENTS offers a new mounting system that allows optical alignment in three dimensions, an addition to the BreadBox optomechanics family from 3D Optix. Its modular concept comprising floor/ceiling elements, walls and extension parts is easy to use and understand. Any complex structures that take up considerably less space than conventional optical tables, can be assembled in a short time.

The BreadBox platform is suitable for optical elements with standard sizes (0.5”/1”/1.5”/ 2” or 12.5mm/25mm/37.5mm/50mm) and compatible with standard optomechanical components. For maximum accuracy and stability, all optomechanical elements and adapters are positioned with dowel pins and clamped with additional screws for fixing. Once installed, individual structures can even be removed without affecting the alignment of the overall system. For example, submodules such as delay lines can be set up, which can be inserted into an assembly and removed again as required without additional adjustments.

The manufacturer also offers bundles for frequently required assemblies such as interferometers, autocorrelators or a pump-probe delay section. In addition to the basic elements, these bundles also contain mirror mounts and all the other components for these structures.

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