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Power and Energy Detectors with a Direct PC Connection

The New INTEGRA Series – Now Available with an RS-232 Connection


Normally, the power and energy detectors from Gentec-EO have to be readout using a separate display unit; however, this is not the case with the INTEGRA series. These products can be connected directly to the computer.

Gentec-EO would like to introduce its new product generation: the INTEGRA detectors are now available not only with USB but also with an RS232 interface, which makes them ideal for applications under “industrial conditions.”

Oftentimes, production facilities and processing machines do not have USB interfaces available, or they cannot be used in systems-critical data transfers due to their susceptibility to interference.

The INTEGRA RS-232 version is a compact and reliable alternative that is now available. The readout of the detector does not depend on a certain operating system. Thanks to the direct control using serial commands, this version requires neither a driver nor special software. This allows the RS-232 version of the INTEGRA series to also be operated under LINUX or directly from a PLC.

Another INTEGRA version is available for energy detectors. In addition to a USB interface, this version has a BNC connection to transmit an external trigger signal.

The mechanical design of the INTEGRA controller was also reworked. The space required at the PC interface was minimized; furthermore, there is now a practical mounting hole available to attach the INTEGRA to an optical bench, for example.

The INTEGRA series works with the same software as the MAESTRO, Gentec-EO’s flagship display unit. The current software version is available for free download on the manufacturer’s website.


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