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Wireless Laser Power Measurement

BLU Series – The World’s First Wireless Analysis and Control


You can finally measure laser power precisely, even in enclosed and hard-to-reach areas, and readout all data clearly without annoying wires or additional display units. Bluetooth technology makes this possible.

With a Bluetooth display unit that is integrated directly in the detector, Gentec-EO’s BLU series measurement devices are unique. Within a radius of up to 30 m, the measurement results can be quickly and comfortably readout on all iOS and Android devices. Do you use a PC? Not a problem! We also deliver a suitable Bluetooth receiver as part of the set. Another advantage for service technicians: Rechargeable lithium ion batteries guarantee continuous wireless operation for up to five days. Therefore, it is only necessary to recharge the unit once in a work week.

As usual with Gentec-EO products, the BLU series detectors are extraordinarily robust and available for precise results from the mW to the kW range. The most popular laser power detectors from Gentec-EO are all available with the BLU option.


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