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Bulletin d'information

La lecture de notre bulletin d'information, Photonics News, vous maintient à jour. Toutes les nouvelles technologiques et nouveautés produits, aussi bien que l’information sur l’actualité de LASER COMPONENTS sont disponibles sous cette forme concentrée. Souscrivez aujourd'hui - gratuitement !

Photonics News Magazine - Issue 75

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Wow, how time flies!

Foreword to the new Photonics News Magazine

Less than ten years ago we discussed whether or not to start printing Photonic News in color. Today we laugh not only about the discussion but about the fact that we were brave enough at the time not to doubt the general format of our company newsletter, no matter how much the layout has changed.

Small Components – MASSIVE IMPACT
That was all still 2006, i.e., before the introduction of iPhones, which – with their multi-touch user interface – have changed the way we communicate. The internet, smartphones, tablets, and so on not only change how we read the daily news or send out information to customers, they also change how we acquire information: quickly perusing customer reviews and comparing prices online before purchasing a product. 

Printed Materials
Are We Swimming against the Current (Trend)?
The past few months have stirred up the same feelings we felt back in 2006. Once again, we have heavily discussed our company newsletter and considered whether or not to abandon the printed version.

We have made our decision: This time we are going against the current (trend) and even expanding our printed Photonics News newsletter into a customer magazine with a slightly different focus because perhaps you, too, enjoy those moments in which you do not have to stare at a monitor...

...and for all others, Photonics News will also be available online.

Enjoy reading!

Patrick Paul

Trade Show Review

  • This was the LASER World of PHOTONICS 2015

News from the Industry

  • News Ticker
  • Alluxa - A Company Is Repositioning Itself within the Market

News from the Company and the Production Facilities

  • New General Manager in Canada
  • Branch Office Opened in Sweden
  • Günther Paul Celebrates 70th Birthday
  • XXL Optics with a New Coating System

New Products

The brand-new ILM12F laser modules are focusable and equipped with green laser light. They are available as cross-hair lasers, line lasers, and...

Cette série est disponible pour les photodiodes à avalanche, les photodiodes PIN InGaAs, les détecteurs PbSe, les détecteurs pyroélectriques, et...

Avec nos diodes laser pulsées haut de gamme/faible coût dans la longueur d’onde de 905 nm, nous proposons aussi des photodiodes à avalanche en...

We offer an attractive introduction package for mobile use with Android. Order by October 15, 2015, to receive a 25% discount*. VIAVI’s introduction...

Coupling the laser light of free-beam lasers in an optical fiber with a small core diameter presents a difficult challenge. Especially when using...

Because optical fibers infiltrate deeper and deeper into access networks, flexible test solutions are required to quickly qualify installations and...

Our in-house production facility for fiber optic single-mode cables is new. The cables are equipped with FC/PC or FC/APC connectors and can be...

In optical telecommunications and fiber sensor technology, it is often necessary to determine the polarization of light in a fiber and influence it...

New laser modules are available: They are smaller than a pin, illuminate as a red or green dot, as a red line, or as a red cross-hair. Some of them...

We present four new conversion screens for the infrared wavelength range: LDT-008TL. The LDT-008TL makes laser radiation visible in the wavelength...

Effective immediately, we offer a PbSe detector in a 4.7 mm TO-46 housing. Up to now, the smallest available size was an 8.3 mm housing. This new...

The first edition of our Infrared Components catalog was completed just in time for LASER World of PHOTONICS 2015! The catalog is remarkable in...

It is finally here. In our new laser safety catalog, you will find all the information you need at a single glance: Whether you are looking for...

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