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Photonics News Magazine - Issue 80

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A Glimpse into the Future with Certainty…

…is something that every businessman would happily venture, if only to better protect his investment decisions. When we at LASER COMPONENTS review our data and analyze our indicators, we do not have any reason to doubt that business will continue to develop positively. In 2016, we were able to celebrate a new sales record, and our order books are full. The new year has begun even more strongly. Important new developments will be completed prior to the LASER trade show in June, and several long-term customer projects are on the verge of a breakthrough.

Everything would be fine if it were not for the current political environment affecting the world’s stable economic development with an uncertainty that has not been felt in a while.

The outcome of the election in the U.S.A. and the major upcoming elections in Europe, all with deeply extreme and populist sentiments, make reliable forecasting difficult. Strong currency fluctuations and the threat of tariffs poison the economy. The world is facing many challenges in terms of environmental protection and energy; a strongly nationalistic mentality will certainly not help solve these issues.

It is only a matter of time when the next crisis will come!

How is it that we are still able to glimpse so positively into the future, and how do we strengthen our upcoming investments?

In the past few years, LASER COMPONENTS has completed the transition from an exclusive sales office to one of the leading components manufacturers. Last year, the percentage of the products manufactured in house (of the entire Laser Components Group taken together) was more than 70%. Over the course of the past few years, we have also been able to establish many key technologies in house.

Photonic applications are an integral part of everyday life and play an increasingly crucial role in consumer products. Lasers and detectors will be integrated into products more and more in the future in the automobile industry, smartphones, and, most recently, the rapidly-growing drone market. Due to its existing technology pool, LASER COMPONENTS is an extremely attractive potential supplier. The growth potential is quite large due to these untapped market possibilities.
The contribution our components already make to increasing safety measures in everyday life is described in this edition.


Patrick Paul
General Manager, Laser Components GmbH

Optoelectronic Security Technologies

  • New drone ordinance in Germany
    Federal ministry: Clear regulations for the operation of drones
  • Commercial applications of drones
    from parcel services to disaster control
  • Autonomous flight
    Time-of-flight measurement prevents collisions
  • Automatic doors and security technology
    High-tech equipment is responsible for the mechanism in automatic doors
  • Personal protection through the use of laser scanners
    Security in industry and revolving doors

Security in Data Transmission

  • Network security
    Tracking attacks on a network

Security Technologies with UV and IR Light

  • Inspecting passports and determining authenticity of banknotes
    UV technologies increase security
  • Alcohol test directly in your car – will this become the standard?
    Other countries, other technologies
  • What to choose?
    The right selection of suitable IR components


  • A reflection on the IR WORKshop
    80 participants, 11 countries, 42 presentations

Pilot lasers are used in systems with invisible CO2 processing lasers to determine the beam’s point of impact. The beam guidance of both lasers is...

The new diffractive double-spot elements from Holo/OR have an efficiency of 97%; previous standard versions only achieved 81%....

APD Array

Laser Components Detector Group introduced its first APD array at Photonics West: A line array with twelve elements in a DIL housing that is ideally...


The FLEXPOINT® Mini series is now also available with laser diodes at a wavelength of 520 nm. The output power level can be customized to meet your...

Filter Cap for Pyroelectric Detectors

Bandpass filters for IR detectors: With five new products, we offer the largest range of standard products worldwide so that you may measure whatever...

Side-Light POF

We have expanded our product range and now offer very special polymer optical fibers that emit coupled light sideways across the entire length of the...

AFL introduces a smart concept for fiber optic measurement technology: Measurement modules that are inserted into the ROGUE™ measurement platform can...


Gentec-EO’s mobile PRONTO-250-PLUS laser power meter has what its name implies: a large PLUS on functions that is unique in this class of units....

The new MTS-5800-100G combines all of the functions that technicians need for the installation and maintenance of networks in an ultra-compact...

Do you have a certified quality management system?Then your testing equipment must be calibrated regularly to make it possible to trace the...

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