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La lecture de notre bulletin d'information, Photonics News, vous maintient à jour. Toutes les nouvelles technologiques et nouveautés produits, aussi bien que l’information sur l’actualité de LASER COMPONENTS sont disponibles sous cette forme concentrée. Souscrivez aujourd'hui - gratuitement !

Photonics News Magazine - Issue 81

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We always develop specialized components together with our customers; these components are ideally suited to fit our customer’s application. Because it is not always possible to achieve this from a desk, we visit over 1,000 customers personally worldwide each year. We are always fascinated by the things we see and experience on site. You get to know a business partner best through direct contact on site rather than over the telephone or from a website.

We are equally surprised to learn the stereotypes some of our customers have associated with us. Although it is widely known that we are experts in custom designs, it is less commonly known that we have many key technologies for the development and production of optical and optoelectronic components at our disposal in house.

A collaborative development project is particularly advantageous for our customers due to the short communication paths and cross-disciplinary competence from one source.

We have, therefore, decided to focus this issue – especially in light of the upcoming LASER World of PHOTONICS – on our in-house development and production departments.

With the LASER trade show in Munich approaching, an absolute industry highlight is just around the corner. Come visit us at our booth and strike up a conversation with us. In addition to the numerous managing directors from our suppliers, all of our in-house technical specialists will be available.
We look forward to four demanding yet extremely interesting trade show days, at which we will hold more customer meetings than in the entire rest of the year.


Patrick Paul
General Manager, Laser Components GmbH

Production Sites

  • Laser modules for industrial vision
    Completely revised versions available
  • FLEXPOINT® laser modules - our production sites
    FLEXPOINT® laser modules are produced at two locations in Germany
  • Setting standards in committees and research projects
    Our clients can be sure to bet the latest technology
  • Laser optics for the largest lasers in the world
    High-power coatings that keep their promises
  • Fiber-optic assemblies
    Developed and produced in Olching
  • Pyroelektric detectors
    New pyros with differential amplifiers
  • Avalanche photodiodes & pulsed laser diodes
    Manufactured in Canada and in the U.S.A.


  • Product Developments
    This is our cross-disciplinary R&D department

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The new fiber recoater from Northlab is particularly user friendly, fast, and saves space. At the same time, it offers high flexibility with regard...

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The IQFROG is based on the principle of the frequency-resolved optical gating method (SHG automated correlator) and measures the pulse intensity and...

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