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Différents connecteurs sont utilisés pour intégrer des fibres optiques dans un système et pour créer les connexions évolutives. Une grande variété de produits et de diverses techniques d'assemblage ont mené à notre large sélection. Les connecteurs appropriés sont également disponibles pour des applications de terrain.

F-SMA Clamp Connector

Clamp Connectors F-SMA

Crimp connectors for 200/230 µm fibers that can be loosened at any time.


The standard assembly processes (i.e. gluing and crimping) are not used in these connectors, which are designed for a 200/230 µm glass fiber cable.

Clamp connector can be reassembled
Instead, the three cable components – fiber, Kevlar thread (for strain relief), and cable buffer – are secured using a clamping system that is integrated into the connector. This connection can be severed at any time, which makes reuse of the connector possible. This has the crucial advantage that the connector can be reassembled if, for example, the fiber cable does not achieve the required optical characteristics upon assembly.


The process described above leads to additional important advantages:

  • Foregoing the use of expensive specialized tools (crimping tools, heating boxes)
  • Saving time by omitting steps (e.g. gluing and crimping)

The end surface preparations (i.e. the processing of overlapping fibers on the connecting side of the connector) can be done by hand through scratching and breaking or, in order to achieve reproducible fiber surfaces, through the use of scratching and breaking tools.

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