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Collimateurs de Fibre

Des collimateurs sont utilisés pour produire les faisceaux parallèles. Les collimateurs de fibre fournissent le meilleur couplage possible de la lumière, respectivement en entrée et sortie d'une fibre.

Fiber Collimator

Fiber collimators are used to couple light into and out of optical fibers.

Collimateurs de Fibre

Laser Components has a variety of collimators available that are produced in house.

By adjusting the lens position, the collimators can be focused without a problem. Additionally, very different housings and lens variations are available which allow the wavelength and focus length to be optimally adapted to suit a variety of applications. Through fixed, integrated connector jacks, our collimators can be optimally connected to SMA or FC patch cables. A CO2 version of these collimators is also available.

With the fiber collimators offered by Agiltron an output power of up to 100 W can be transmitted in an SM, PM, or MM fiber. In addition, they feature a low insertion loss, a beam diameter of 0.5 to 15 mm, and a large operating distance of > 100 m.

The coupling units developed by Laser Components for the UV-NIR and CO2 wavelengths can also be used in reverse direction as collimators.

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