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IR Fiber Optic Cables

Infrared wavelengths cannot be transmitted via conventional fibers with a quartz glass core because the coupled light is absorbed by the material. In industry and medicine, CO2 and Er:YAG (10.6 µm and 2.94 µm, respectively) lasers, therefore, use special fibers for power transmission. 

High Power Fiber Assembly with SMA Connector

Patchcords for Er:YAG Lasers

Er:YAG lasers with a wavelength of 2940 nm are mainly used in dermatology, dentistry, and other special applications. Special fiber cables are used for nearly loss-free power transmission.

IR Fiber Optic Cables

For power transmission with Er:YAG lasers, patchcords are used that are optimized for the 2940 nm wavelength to virtually eliminate power losses. The biocompatible fibers can be sterilized and meet all the requirements for medical applications.

Inquire about our patchcord assemblies and specify these and other features:

  • Fiber type
  • Fiber diameter of the optical fiber
  • Connectors

Hollow-core fibers for Er:YAG lasers are equipped with a silver mirror coating on the inside, which is followed by a silver iodide coating. This creates an efficient dielectric IR reflector, which can be optimized for certain wavelength ranges between 3 μm and 20 μm.

Sapphire fibers are special fibers grown from a crystal. They are characterized by the excellent material properties of a sapphire crystal. Thus, they are chemically almost neutral; and at above 2000°C, their melting point is particularly high. At the same time, they are as flexible as a glass fiber.

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