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About us

The cultural model of a company is the basis for its innovative ability. Our work atmosphere is one that encourages creativity but also demands high quality products and service. All employees play an active role in the continuous optimization of products and processes. We have made it our business to constantly research and develop new and innovative components produced not only in-house, but also as a distributor of products offered by well-known international manufacturers.

General Management

Mikael Winters

Mikael Winters

Managing Director

Mikael Winters is managing director of Laser Components Nordic AB and has been with the company from the start in 2014. He is a Chemical Engineer (M.Sc.) and finished a Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry in 2007. During his doctoral studies, he worked mainly with laser-based spectroscopy such as time-resolved fluorescence and absorption techniques (TCSPC, ultra-fast pump-probe). From 2007 on he worked as sales engineer in the field of lasers and photonics, with a 12-month leave of absence from his employer to be a research fellow at Cambridge University in 2010/2011.

Our Office

Svante Karlssoon - Johann Daag - Mikeal Winters

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Laser Components Nordic AB
Skårs led 3 
41263 Göteborg/Sweden 

Phone: +46 31 703 71 73 
Fax: +46 31 703 71 01