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Motion Control

Motion control products including motors, drivers, controllers/software, stages, piezo and direct-drive nanopositioners, gantries, and gimbals/optical mounts.

Positioning stages are used in high-performance and high precision environments from industrial robots to micromachining.

Nanometer-level performance in compact packages: find out more about our piezo and direct-drive nanopositioners.

Worm-gear-driven goniometers and direct-drive goniometric nanopositioniers with a speed of 150 degrees per second.

Gantries with linear servomotors are avaiable as low-cost modular linear actuators assembled in gantry configuration up to high-tech gantries.

Direct drive motion simulators. Single-axis, two-axis, and three-axis versions available.

Direct-drive spindles for applications including imaging applications or precision wafer inspection.

Linear actuators that integrate the mechanical and electrical components - that's why they are superior to traditional versions on the market.

Those drives and drive racks power Aerotech's servomotors and motion controllers.

Linear and rotary motors include U-channel and flat linear motors, and both brush and brushless rotary models.

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