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We offer light-emitting diodes (LEDs) from the UV range (278 nm) to the NIR range (1300 nm). Depending on the area of application, they are available with different housing options: in a TO or SMD housing, as a chip only, or with a fiber optic connection. LEDs have the advantage that they consume a low amount of energy, produce very little heat, and have a long lifetime.

Super luminescence diodes emit at peak wavelengths of 670 nm and 830 nm.

LaserLight SMD is used as a highly-directional, brilliant white light source that comes in a miniature surface mount package.

We differentiate between the following types of UV LEDs: UVA and UVB/UVC. We offer components for the entire wavelength range from 200 nm to 415 nm!

Fiber-coupled LEDs in the near infrared range, with a wavelength from 850 nm to 1300 nm and an output power of up to 0.5 mW.

SLEDs with the Wavelengths 670 nm and 830 nm.

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