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Photonics News Nordic - Issue 4

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Red, Blue, Green

Mikael Winters and Svante Karlsson
Mikael Winters and Svante Karlsson

When you read this, Easter has just passed and hopefully spring is in the air. The first quarter of this year passed quickly, with a lot of activities for ­LASER COMPONENTS. One of the most important ones was Photonics West 2016. Every year, representatives from the photonics industry, including all eight LASER COMPONENTS branch offices, meet in San Francisco for an intensive exchange of information. We have over 200 employees worldwide, and thirty-five of us met to discuss the future direction of the company and the development of new products and technologies.
Company know-how has expanded rapidly in the past few years. It is one of our expressed goals to further bundle existing strengths. A closer look at ongoing development projects has shown us quite plainly how diversified our product range is, more than almost any other company in our industry: glass processing, thin-film technology, mechanical design, optics design, semi­conductor technology for laser diodes and photodiodes, fiber optic assemblies – all of these products are not only developed but also manufactured within the LASER COMPONENTS Group. The combination of these technologies offers great potential in the development of novel products. Taking advantage of this potential requires not only the technical know-how but also sound cross-cultural collaboration that ensures fun and motivates at the same time.

This Photonics News Nordic edition that you hold in your hand is dedicated to one of our most important products: the laser diode! It was mass markets that enabled the expensive developments in laser diode technology. This is not really a market of ours: We offer laser diodes for quite different niche applications in the forefront of technology. To find out more, please keep reading.

The next trade show coming up is the Scandinavian Electronics Event 2016 in Kista, Sweden. The S.E.E. 2016 is an arena for innovative electronic ­solutions, inspiring meetings and business making. The event is arranged by The Swedish Electronics Trade Association and Stockholmsmässan at the venue of ­Kistamässan. Meet us there for more information on company and product news!


Mikael Winters

Market News

  • Blue laser diodes for automotive lighting
  • Red, Blue, Green - The physiology of seeing color
  • Green laser diodes: Future market portable mini projectors
  • For frequent travelers: "mobile" fusion splicers for large diameter fibers
  • OCT: Optical Coherence Tomography

News from our Produktion Facilities

  • Comparison: 520 nm laser diodes and 532 nm DPSS lasers
  • Green innovations: Laser modules emitting green light

Company News

  • Photonics West review
  • 3rd WORKshop

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