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Photonics News Magazine #05

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Dear Reader,

For a couple of weeks, when the sports event in Brazil passed, the whole world’s attention was focussed on sports and on the phenomenal achievements of athletes from all around the globe. The Games unites us and the creed Citius, Altius, Fortius engages millions of people every day. Improvement is a strong motivator for humankind and it is one that we certainly embrace here at LASER COMPONENTS. On that topic, we devote this issue of the Photonics News Nordic to the World of Sports and where it intersects with the World of Photonics. In the quest for improvement, athletes need to carefully evaluate their performance and this is one area where optical measurement techniques become very useful. We cover this in two main sections, IR Technology and Optoelectronic Measurement, and discuss applications such as the evaluation of an athlete’s conditioning and technique. We also touch briefly on the ever present subject of doping. I hope that you will find these articles as interesting as we do!

As usual, we also present some new products. There are several interesting articles here, but one worth extra mention is the FiberKey® P. This is a fiber coupling for CO2 lasers which also transmits a visible pilot beam. For the FiberKey® P, LASER COMPONENTS was awarded the INDUSTRY PRICE for advanced industrial products with high economic, social, technological and environmental benefits, as THE BEST OF 2016. You can also read about laser protection, new laser modules and updates to our detector range.

In the late autumn, we have a couple of conferences and trade shows coming up. First, the Optics & Photonics in Sweden conference (OPS) 2016 that is held November 2 – 3 at the Concert and Congress Centre in Linköping (Sweden). The next exhibition for us is the Subcontractor trade show held in Jönköping (Sweden). Our booth# is B02:71, so make sure to visit us there! With us, we will also have Aerotech. We find that Aerotech’s products complement our own portfolio very well, and we look forward to discussing any application that you may have that requires top performance in both optoelectronic measurement and high precision positioning.


Mikael Winters

IR Technology

  • Optoelectronical Measurement
  • Spiroergometry
  • Air Quality in Stadiums
  • EPO Doping

Optoelectronic Measurement

  • Run-up velocity in pole vaulting
  • Optimized sitting position on a bicycle

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