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Photonics News Magazine - Issue 7

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Dear Reader,

LASER COMPONENTS Nordic can look back at another great year, with several interesting projects coming to completion and many new ones just getting started. Photonics is such an amazing and expansive ­industry and today it is certainly one of the most fascinating areas to work in. LASER COMPONENTS is a key supplier to companies now moving photonics into ever more and more technology segments, turning what was once something people worked with in laboratories into every-day technology, present in every home. Our in-house capabilities make us very well positioned to follow, and even lead, the fast-moving development in our industry. More and more customers discover this and I invite you to do the same by bringing your components needs to us.

With that in mind, this new issue of Photonics News Nordic will show you something of the width and breadth that we can offer – from our own product portfolio! The articles will take you through several of our production sites and describe some of our core capabilities. That is, laser modules, laser optics, fiber optics, detectors, pulsed lasers, and more. We are very proud of our in-house development and of our production departments. As a customer, you will find that there is a huge advantage to having a single source with this many cross-disciplinary competencies. It allows us to see a bigger picture and to solve problems more efficiently. On the back page, you will also learn a few things about what it means to have the Design Center at LASER COMPONENTS supporting your project – just what is it that makes us unique?

Last, a big “Thank you!” to everyone that came visiting our booth at the ­exhibitions during the spring and ­autumn. It is always a great pleasure to meet you all and we are very ­happy to be a part of your projects. We look forward to meeting you again next year!


Mikael Winters

Production Sites

  • Laser Modules for Industrial Image Processing
    The MV-Modules edition 2017 is completely new
  • FLEXPOINT® Laser Modules
    Quality guaranteed
  • Laser Optics Fitting the World’s Largest Laser
    High power is what you can expect
  • Fiber-Optic Assemblies
    Developed and produced in Olching
  • Pyroelectric Detectors
    New pyros with differential amplifiers
  • Avalanche Photodiodes & Pulsed Laser Diodes
    News from the US and Canada


  • Product Development
    Reaching your goals

635 nm Laser Diodes

Applications in medical technology, printing, and safety technology (IR illumination) require powerful laser diodes that have a longitudinal...

Arima Lasers Corporation

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Water Purifier UVC Module

Water dispensers, aquariums, and analytical devices in biotechnology all require clean, sterile water. Ultraviolet radiation has proven to be an...

UV-C 6060 LED

Our partner LG Innotek ­introduced the world’s first 70 mW UVC LED, which was developed for sterilization. LG Innotek once again set the benchmark...


With up to 2.5 W per single chip, the new violet LEDs from LG Innotek now offer particularly high power in an extremely small space. LG Innotek’s...


You can finally measure laser power precisely, even in enclosed and hard-to-reach areas, and readout all data clearly without annoying wires or...


The high-power PRONTO series will replace the FLASH series models. Gentec-EO will be sticking to its usual recipe for success but will also be...


Temperature changes and thermal effects are some of the largest error sources in precision machines. One major reason for this is the difficulty and...


We have new pattern generators. These complex diffractive optical elements (DOEs) are used to split a single laser dot or to shape it into patterns....


Many laser module users are not aware that a laser beam exits a housing at a slight angle. Because the laser module appears to squint, the degree of...