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Photonics News Magazine - Issue 8

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Round about it ...

Dear Reader,

in this issue of Photonics News Nordic, we will continue what we started in the previous one. In a series of articles, you will get a couple of new glimpses from inside our operations. First, we offer some insight into our work on Quality Assurance for Laser Optics. What metrics do we use to ensure an outstanding product? Are the spectral characteristics ok? What about the homogeneity? Next, we give some examples of what we offer in Fiber Technologies. LASER COMPONENTS have more than twenty years of experience in this field and can provide a wide range of fiber optical assemblies, state-of-the-art test equipment, coatings on fiber end faces and more. Page 6 – 9 will give you the full picture. On page 10 you can read about our in-house services, notably the calibration service that we offer.

For a technology driven company like LASER COMPONENTS, there is always a need for technically skilled employees. In this time of a shortage of skilled workers and rapid company growth, we are therefore pleased and proud to have found numerous additional international sales staff in recent months. Moreover, generational change in two important management positions was also successfully completed, once again by drawing on employees from our own ranks. You can get more information about this on page 11.

In the Product News segment, we are particularly happy to announce our QuickSwitch® Pulsed Laser Diodes for precise measurements at short distances. In one second, the QuickSwitch® PLD generates up to 200,000 laser pulses with a typical duration of 2.5  ns! Another exciting addition to the portfolio is the linear APD arrays, now in a new version optimally suited for time-of-flight measurements.

Before I leave you to the content of this issue, I would like to invite you to our upcoming shows. End of April, we exhibit at the Scandinavian Electronics Event 2018 at Kistamässan, Stockholm (Sweden) and in ­September we will be in Lund at the conference Northern Optics & ­Photonics. See you there!


Mikael Winters

5th International WORKshop on Infrared Technologies, November 12-13, 2018, Olching, Germany

Service Fiber Technologies

  • Fiber Assembly at the Highest Level
    Thanks to cross-departmental measurement technology, standards are defined with customers

Measurement Technology in Production

  • Quality Assurance for Laser Optics
    The quality of laser optics depends on many factors -
    We check extensively, you get the measurement report

Services and Company News

  • Calibration Service in Germany
    Calibrations for laser power and energy detectors and fiber optic attenuators
  • Generational Change
    Lance Feldman is responsible for pyroelectric detectors
    Christian Grunert takes over laser optics production

    The more often a device is used, the more wear and tear it sustains. However, maintenance and repairs to a system are often postponed because they...

    FP-LR-L Series

    The light from laser modules rarely has to extend to the horizon; however, a few tricks are required if you want to see it at 50 m. Previously only...


    FLEXPOINT® modules with an integrated external thread can be easily integrated in standardized systems. The MV18 is the latest in the range of line...

    UV LEDs from LG Innotek

    UV radiation excites fluorescence, forming the basis for many analysis methods in fluorescence microscopy. UV LEDs are replacing mercury vapor lamps...


    During laser soldering, the soldering wire is melted with the laser in order to join two metallic components together. The advantage of soldering is...

    IR Filter

    Driven by applications from the automobile industry, the prices for thermal imaging cameras have fallen dramatically in recent years. The technology...

    QuickSwitch PLD

    The following applies to distance measurement: The shorter the laser pulse, the more accurate the measurement. Laser Components Canada has developed...


    In addition to the linear Si APD arrays with twelve elements, the Laser Components Detector Group has now also included arrays with eight and sixteen...

    SAH Series

    The SAH series avalanche photodiodes have been optimized for the wavelengths 850 nm and 905 nm. They are also available, effective immediately, in an...